About Cantoo

At the end of 2020, the world was in a very daring moment. As the pandemic was spreading, communication went back to the forefront, as a crucial way to keep strong social bonds and economic links. Although essential, the telecommunications industry is still closed. It is still very hard to innovate and penetrate the telecom market, and for many reasons no telco company has really built open & easy industrial telecom services.

That's why we decided to bring our vision into the market, using our experience and skills to improve how telecommunications players build, run and manage their services. We created Cantoo, and began to tackle the telcos services issue.

Because telcos are complex, regulated and always evolving, innovative communications solutions face many challenges from the start. Cantoo enables any communication service provider to get access easily, fairly and efficiently to telecommunications technologies, in its home country and abroad. Our mission is to liberate and democratize access to Voice, SMS, phone numbers, IoT and Video services. So that new players can thrive, and legacy actors keep being relevant.

We are a European-based Telecom and Web company, experts in communications technologies, regulations and businesses. We are a free-form company. We bring value to our clients, while caring about our and your people.

We help our clients to create awesome products, make sure our team enjoys working everyday, and also care about our impact on our planet.

Let's build flowing communications together

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