European telecom services

Create, improve and expand your telecom services at home and abroad.

Easy access to Voice, SMS and phone numbers

Voice termination & collect

We offer local, origin based, CLI guaranteed, voice termination service across the EU

Grow your voice business with a quality local partner!

Local phone numbers

Get fixed and mobile DIDs in all Europe without hassle

Leasing, portability and regulation, we take care of the heavy stuff

SMS termination & collect

Transactional and marketing A2P SMS and marketing via short-codes. Interpersonal P2P SMS on long numbers

Offer the right SMS solution to your customers in a simple way

Total freedom​

No minimum invoicing, no long term contracts, pay per use basis, no management fees

You will love the quality of services and support

On-boarded in a breeze

Paperless contracts, quick & free interconnect. Send traffic quickly and confidently

Improve your telecom purchases without delay

Clear telco pricing, finally.

Transparent tariffs for all the telco players
Cantoo helps you at every stage of your business


Start your telecom journey
Voice (SIP) & SMS (SMPP) interconnections
Phone numbers leasing
Market-based communications tariffs
Smart Voice and SMS routing
One-month data retention
5 CAPs
Best effort support


Industrialise your services
All Starter features
Optimized communications tariffs
Phone numbers range hosting
Cloud APIs & SDKs
3-month data retention
20 CAPs
99.999% platform availability SLA
24h support SLA


Full services hosting
Contact us
All Premium features
Best communications tariffs
Bring your own carriers
Telco services hosting
IoT services hosting
Regulatory consulting
Unlimited data retention
3h dedicated support
Web RTC and HTTP SMS services hosting

Quality telecoms

minutes managed per month
platform availability
Network Effectiveness Ratio (NER)
European company and services
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declared operator in France, Germany, UK

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